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Welcome to G2 Design

Operating at the intersection of art and commerce. I solve complex problems through strategy, creative thinking and smart design. My goal is to help you uncover the ideas and emotions that drive your business…the reason you get up every morning and go to work. This passion fuels better thinking, better solutions and better design. It’s what captures your audience and alters the reputation of your company. And creates the connection necessary to sustain your brand.

My highly flexible approach combines content strategy and user-focused design with expert development and long-term support to help my clients achieve their goals and reach their audiences.

I design to connect.

With 16 years industry experience, I have watched innovation come and go, and grow! I have seen what works and what doesn’t…what is the quick attention grab, and that which endures. And by now, we should all be equal parts offended and bored with the template factory design… routinely relegated to the small and independent business owner as a matter of cost.

G2D was founded on an intention to bring the latest techniques in web design and mobile applications to small business and non-profits. The smaller the business, the bigger the dream…and the grander the website! It’s my privilege to foster your vision to the world stage with a little code, a lot of laughs, and a commitment to your success.

Gini Garbick
Founder & Chief Creative Officer

  • An Extension of Your Team

    It is my mission to solidify and grow your online presence. This means that everything I produce is strategic, creative, and representative of your brand. All projects and campaigns are created in-house – working shoulder to shoulder with you – so you never have to worry about frustrating interactions with third-party service providers. Running a business is complicated enough–I like to keep things simple.

  • Fully Integrated To Transform Businesses & Create Iconic Brands

    G2D takes the term “integrated” very seriously. All projects are created, designed, developed and implemented internally. I do not sell generic website templates or standardized marketing plans. Instead, I construct the most creative, customized strategies in all facets: design, development and digital marketing. Clients become partners because I put customers first — your customers.

  • Agency Versatility In-House Customization

    I familiarize myself with each client’s industry, business model, audience, and brand voice before making any recommendations. Such immersion in the array of companies I have served is what differentiates me from other web designers. I have the widespread industry knowledge of an agency, but the work ethic and attention to detail of a traditional in-house digital team. In other words: I treat your business like it’s my own. I partner with you and am a committed member of your core team, focused on exposure, growth and profitability.

Content is King

Now more than ever, it’s about what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.

Content is king, and without it, you’ll lose relevance with your search engines, and more importantly – your customers.

Search Engines are becoming more human, as we can see with some of the algorithm updates, such as Google’s hummingbird. This means that you should always optimize your content for humans first, and search engines secondly.

Great content is what separates you from your competitors, and what demotes them from rankings when they directly copy it from you.   Be a leader in your space by creating unique content, attracting & engaging new visitors, and ultimately converting those visitors into customers.

Having completely unique and well written content is the best thing you can do for your website. If you do not have the resources or time to do it, I will create organic content for your website and other related digital channels. You’ll provide me with general, advanced, or pre-existing content that describes your product or service, and I will create new and relevant content related to these concepts.

Understanding your topic is a critical step in the content production procedure. I also provide full Content Research as part of G2D’s Content Creation service. I discover, identify, and absorb the relevant information about your specific product or service. I then re-create this data with unique language and info graphics – using writing techniques tailored to search engine optimization.