There can be so much to say about your products or services. But where to begin? What ideas should be included? And, which facts matter less?

“…whether intended as a lead-generator or leave-behind, your brochure copy must help sweep your prospect toward a profitable sale. It must present information both clearly and convincingly, following a strategically sound persuasive structure.” —John Kuraoka

Collaborate with G2 Design, Inc., and I’ll lead you through an organized process that will result in succinct, compelling summaries of your offerings. I’ll begin with your top-line business goals and consider your prospect’s biggest challenges.

What will customers care about most?
Whether destined for a brochure or a Web page, I understand that your copywriting for brochures must be tight and on-point. Headlines must use active language and imply benefits. Sentences should help clarify features in an organized manner. When you read it aloud, phrases should have a cadence to them.

But most of all, product copy must persuade your prospects to act. “Think customer not product – show them you understand their problems, build rapport and then sell.” —Freelance Copywriters Blog

Allow me to generate the product descriptions for your next brochure or web page. I’ve been crafting copy designed to help boost sales for over ten years — put my experience to work for you today.