From the moment someone arrives at your site, they start judging you.

“How will this product or service make my day easier?” “Can it really help me bring in more revenue?” “Exactly how will this reduce annual costs?” If your copy is not directly addressing those issues you’ll lose them fast.

But let’s say a visitor likes your landing page enough to click around further. Are the details deeper in your site captivating enough to encourage them onward?

These impressions matter. It often means the difference between someone who’ll do business with you – or not.

Compelling copywriting and storytelling will be active, clear, and emphasize benefits. It’s a style that may not come naturally for most, but my business-to-business copywriter’s mind is trained to think this way.

“I like honest work that asks me to build a great case for my client.” —Doug Kessler, Velocity Partners

Certainly you should devote space to describing products and services. But you must assume your readers are pressed for time, because they are. When you succinctly demonstrate how your offering will give them an edge, you’re better positioned for sales and conversions.

There’s a role for storytelling also – to keep your readers engaged and moving along. For example, case studies and business “use cases” allow you to showcase how real people may have addressed similar challenges using your product or solutions.

“The ability to find the exact right words to tell your company’s story isn’t an easy feat, and it’s even harder to do so consistently.” —Hubspot

Effective Copy Must Be Simple and User-Centric
Most of my clients work in complex industries like technology, healthcare, finance, or manufacturing. That requires me to learn how hardware, software, and abstract solutions work, in short order.

But that foundation of knowledge lends us an agility to engage prospects across a variety of disciplines. Your potential customers may or may not work in your industry. So, you must strike a balance between simplifying complex ideas and using language that clearly demonstrates you understand their daily challenges.

“The key is to start emphasizing the benefits clients are really after, not the feature that brings about the benefits.” —copyblogger

Here’s a classic scenario. A tech business has a new product that will soon be launched — and I’m invited in for a briefing. Typically, the client team – probably much like you – has been focused on the details of this new product for months. The roll out schedule … the space it fills in the lineup … and most of all, what “cool” new features it has.

I’m VERY interested in that too — all of it. But the questions popping into my head are likely going to be focused on how I can parse all that information into copywriting and storytelling that will persuade your prospects to buy. Before I even step out of your briefing, my gears are already turning. The copywriter in me is thinking up copy ideas that will serve both your medium-term and high-level goals.

Let’s work together. Are you ready to strengthen your messaging with G2D’s copywriting and storytelling services?