How easy is your website to use? Can visitors find what they want quickly? Are visual elements organized in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing and makes sense? Does functionality encourage people to explore in a purposeful manner? What problem does this solve for the visitor? These are all questions of how well the design has been engineered.

“…if your visitors can’t navigate your landing page and easily fill-out an opt-in you can expect a lower conversion rate.” User experience design involves planning, research, design, and testing to maximize the experience for the widest range of users.

The discipline typically involves structure, information architecture, organization, categorization, labeling, and management. In recent years, responsive design for mobile devices has become a whole additional layer to consider when planning user experience design.

“One of the biggest design flaws is ignoring your target audience.” -Inc. Magazine

My 15 years’ experience creating video, interactive, and website projects has given me a unique perspective on user experience design that will result in deliverables that make a difference for your business.

“Our true charge is to constantly champion the person at the other end of the device, and provide them an immersive experience …” —re/code