From Envato Market | February 24, 2015

Web design is all about telling a story and conveying the right message. Irrespective of the genre or topic of the website in question, great web design leaves no stone unturned in its bid to connect and interact with its users. In fact, the onus and willingness to interact and send out a message is what separates great web design from good ones.

And when it comes to fostering interaction or conveying a message, nothing beats videos!

More and more video content is being generated every day, and modern internet users often tend to prefer videos and images over plain text. As such, incorporating a video background in your web design can go a long way to bringing your website to life.

Which is why I am so pleased to announce G2D’s FULL SERVICE Multi-Media Platform. With our own in-house full-service video production company, I can now utilize the art of visual storytelling to produce engaging, cinematic content for broadcast, commercial and corporate projects and integrating them seamlessly into your website and digital marketing campaign.

Video backgrounds rose to popularity in 2013, and have been in vogue ever since. As the name suggests, a website with a video background uses, well, a video as its background. Quite obviously, it can either make the overall design impressive beyond compare, or, if poorly implemented, it can ruin even the best of designs.

eCommerce stores, landing pages, and product pages can benefit from the use video backgrounds as well as the more obvious industries, such as art, design, or entertainment…especially if yours is a dedicated site selling a given niche or product (as opposed to eBay or Amazon that offer virtually every type of commodity).

I can now use video backgrounds to connect with your buyers, and at the same time, provide them with a wonderful user experience while shopping or browsing through products.